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Etsy Store

Etsy Store

I’ve decided to create an Etsy store selling my handmade crochet infinity scarves! I just love them because they are SO soft, warm, and adorable!

Check them out! 🙂

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Now that the closest gym is a minimum of $30/month, Ryan and I have decided to give P90X3 a shot. I did P90X a few years ago and had amazing results but couldn’t maintain the workout regimen. Each workout was at least 45-minutes and it was a lot to keep up with everyday after 3 months. P90X3 is made up of 16 different 30-minute workouts ranging from Yoga to Martial Arts to Plyometrics. We just did Day 1 which was “Total Synergistics” and really enjoyed it! I had knee surgery this past June and was worried about being able to do some of the plyometric movements that I remember from the original P90X. Luckily, today’s workout wasn’t too strenuous on the joints! Looking forward to the next week of workouts 🙂

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Frugal Grocery Shopping

Living in Bethesda has taught me two things about grocery shopping: (1) Don’t go to Giant on Sunday and (2) groceries are EXPENSIVE. It’s amazing how quickly the price adds up with each item you throw in the cart. Ryan and I spent Saturday morning flipping through the newspaper for manufacturers coupons, but found more coupons for razors and shampoo than anything else. As an extremely frugal shopper, the idea of couponing is exciting to me, but I always seem to end up dissatisfied with the selection of coupons and give up. If anyone has any couponing tops please feel free to share! 🙂
I found this site while browsing Pinterest earlier and thought it was pretty cool.


This blogger, Shari, posted about “Sales Cycles,” which are the times that certain products will be on sale in supermarkets. It’s a great list to have when budgeting for groceries each month! She even included adorable (and FREE) printables to help you with budgeting!
Happy shopping!

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